Merton Park Primary School

Merton School PrimaryMerton School Primary

Pupils do exceptionally well at this school, in terms of both their academic and personal development.

Leaders, including governors, are relentless in their ambition to make this school the best it can be.

The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning. They work hard at all times and persevere with tasks that are frequently challenging.

The warm, mutually supportive relationships that staff and pupils have with each other make this a very caring, nurturing school.

Provision in the Early Years is outstanding. Children make rapid and sustained progress due to excellent teaching and imaginative activities.

The curriculum is excellent. It promotes a real love for learning in pupils, as they have many opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills within a real-life context.

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PE and Sport

At Merton Park Primary all children in KS1 & KS2  have two hours of PE timetabled each week, to cover the six main areas of the National Curriculum which are dance, gymnastics, games, swimming, athletics, and outdoor and adventurous activities.  Swimming is offered for children in Yr 3 & 4. Alongside the PE Curriculum the children have the opportunity to participate in lunchtime and after school sports clubs including dance, gymnastics, football, netball, cricket, athletics & tag rugby. A selection of these are offered at different times throughout the school year and to different year groups. 

All children also take part in an additional 5 minutes of vigorous activity in the playground, led by their teacher, at least once a day.  This should involve the children getting out of breath so that they feel energised when they return to their classroom.  We have also introduced a termly 'Parkrun' which involves all the children and staff and many parents too.

We aim to establish a sporting culture that enables and encourages all children to play and enjoy sport. Children in Nursery, Reception and KS1 develop the fundamental skills such as aiming and throwing, balance, co-ordination, control, and movement. In KS2 children are able to use these fundamental skills to develop their knowledge and understanding of invasion games such as football, netball, tag rugby and hockey.  These skills are also transferrable to striking and fielding games such as cricket and rounders, together with net games such as tennis.

We enter school sport competitions to allow children to be competitive and to give opportunities to our children who have demonstrated ability in a particular area of PE.

We aim to further improve the quality of our PE programme by:

  • Introducing coaching in a wider range of sports, using professional sports coaches
  • Using our sports coaches to develop teachers’ skills as well as to teach the children
  • Delivering staff training to help teachers develop their skills in teaching PE
  • Exploring good practice in other schools to further improve our PE provision
  • Providing additional coaching for our sports teams to develop their skills
  • Having inter-school sports competitions to provide further competitive opportunities for children



Primary Schools’ Sports Funding

What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is providing funding to improve provision of PE and sport in primary schools.  

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.  OFSTED will ensure that schools spend this funding carefully and that it leads to raised standards and opportunities in PE and school sport for all children throughout the primary phase. 


Impact 2018-19

As a result of quality sports coaching and continued participation in sporting competitions,  sport in the school maintained a high profile.  This benefited all children in KS1 & KS2, although it was mostly KS2 children who were involved in competitive sporting events. The children enjoyed and benefited from being taught by Sports  coaches and our teachers' expertise improved through sharing good practice and assisting in the PE lessons led by the coaches. 

Year 5 pupils were trained as School Sports Leaders by MSSP coaches to work alongside other children at Merton Park. During a 6 week period the pupils were taught, during allocated PE lessons, the skills needed to provide a range of challenging multi-skill sports to KS1 children.  Year 5 pupils introduced the activities at lunchtimes.  They also assisted with Sports Day in the summer.

As a result of the continued improvements to PE and sport at Merton Park during 2018-19 we were awarded the Gold Sports Mark  yet again - an achievement we are very proud of.



PE & Sport at Merton Park during 2019-20

In 2019-20  Merton Park will receive approximately £17,748 of Primary Schools Sports Funding.

We evaluate the impact of the Schools’ Sports Funding as part of our on-going self-evaluation process and although there were many areas where we could see real improvement we felt that it was important to focus on the following areas:

  • swimming -   we will look at ways we can support children who are unable to swim 25m at the end of their swimming sessions at school, as our aim is for all children to be able to swim this distance by the end of Yr 6. Currently 96% of our Yr 6 children can swim 25m and can demonstrate safe self-rescue and 84% can swim a range of strokes.  We will offer support to children who are unable to swim with confidence.
  • school sports clubs - we will ensure that there is a good range of sports represented and that both boys and girls have opportunities to develop their confidence and skills in sports that they may not have considered before.
  • We will use sports funding to pay for membership of the Merton School Sports Partnership so that we can play competitive sport against other Merton Schools.  We will continue to send at least one member of staff to each sports event or competition to ensure that the event has high status and to ensure pupil safety when off-site. We will also work with coaches from the MSSP to ensure that we are delivering high quality PE lessons. 
  • We will work with other partners (Fitness for Schools, Old Ruts, Wimbledon FC,  Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative, Wilton Tennis Club) to improve participation and motivation. Such links help to ensure that our staff receive ongoing training in delivery of PE and encourages our children to develop their skills through attendance of community sports clubs.
  • Children will have the opportunity to try 'taster' days of sports and activities, e.g. Parkour,  that they may not have encountered before and these will take place across the year.
  • We will pay for play leaders to support children at lunchtimes as we aim to keep children active for at least 20 minutes during the lunch break.