Merton Park Primary School

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The School will:

  • provide a safe and stimulating environment for the children
  • value and respect each child as an individual
  • offer a broad & balanced curriculum for pupils of all abilities
  • keep parents informed about what is happening in school
  • encourage high expectations and pride in achievement
  • recognise and praise progress and achievement
  • inform parents of the progress and welfare of their child, including an annual written report
  • listen to pupils’ and parents’ views and concerns


Parents/carers will:

  • support the school in its aims and values
  • support the school’s Behaviour and Safety policies
  • ensure their child’s regular and punctual attendance
  • notify the school early on the first day of the reason for their child’s absence
  • support their child in the school work they are expected to do at home
  • tell the school about any circumstances which may affect their child’s work or behaviour
  • attend parents’ evenings and discussions about their child’s progress

 Parent code of conduct

Pupils will:

  • be polite and helpful to others
  • be on their best behaviour and abide by the school rules
  • attend school regularly, and on time, and bring the things they need
  • look after the things they use in school
  • help to look after the school and its grounds
  • try their best and work hard
  • wear their school uniform and look smart