Merton Park Primary School






All children are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and to gain a sense of identity and belonging by wearing our school uniform. 

Our school uniform is:

  • Blue school jumper or cardigan, with school logo* - required
  • White shirt or polo shirt - required. Does not need to be branded.
  • Plain black school shoes/trainers (no sandals/open toes/ankle boots) - required
  • Boots or wellingtons may be worn to school but children should change into shoes when they arrive in school
  • Grey tailored trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore - required
  • Pale blue and white dress (in summer)- optional
  • Grey, black or white socks or tights - required
  • Warm and/or waterproof coat (sweatshirts, hooded tops or sports tops are not to be worn in place of a coat in the winter)
  • Drawstring PE bag*
  • Book bag in EYFS & KS1* - required

P.E. kit:

  • Royal blue shorts - required
  • Yellow school uniform t-shirt* - required. Must be branded
  • Black plimsolls or trainers 
  • Dark blue/black/grey tracksuit bottoms/skins and sweatshirt/hoodie in KS1/ KS2 during winter months (optional) 

School uniform is optional in our Nursery classes.

Merton Park School Uniform policy

*      Items marked with an asterix are available from the online uniform shop:       

 You can also look at our PTA second-hand uniform shop by clicking here

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named.  This ensures that lost property can be returned to pupils quickly. 


Children may wear one pair of small stud earrings to school, but these must be removed or taped-up during PE lessons.  No other jewellery is permitted at school.

Nail varnish & make-up

Children should not wear nail varnish, false nails or nail decorations at school. It is not permitted for pupils to wear any make-up at school and lip salve (if required) should be clear.